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Antique Crib Coffee Table 125

March 16, 2014

A small utility shelf. Free.

March 15, 2014

Funny posting of the day..

Richmond the First 6 months

November 3, 2012

So I had a baby six months ago. His name is Richmond. He is in the 95th percentile. He is way better than any yard sale find I could share

Richmond has made for me becoming a very bad blogger. I thought I might share a little slide show of what I’ve been doing with my time. Enjoy!

Yard Sale Finds 04.07.12

April 8, 2012

I gotta say, if there is one tip I have for yard sailing, do it when you’re 8 months pregnant. You WILL get the best deals!! This season is starting off strong, and I think my negotiating skills are a whole lot easier with a big tummy staring them down. This week I found some lovely items that will help with my nursery and my husband’s warehouse, all without breaking a sweat.. well maybe a little sweating, grunting and wobbling was involved, but it was so worth it!

School Projector Cart, $5

I picked up this sturdy school projector cart for just $5! It will be a great addition to my husband’s warehouse and tote all kinds of sewing tools back and forth. I couldn’t believe the price-tag when I saw it. What a “steal”.

Retro Metal Children’s Chairs, $2

Can you believe these adorable mint condition kiddie chairs were just a buck a pop? Yea, talk about showing off that baby bump for a steal of a deal! This is almost the yard sale find of the week.. but the item(s) chosen just happens to be something I’ve been on the hunt for.

Retro Flip Clock, $2

I am totally in love with this clock that will be making it’s way into our son’s nursery. It’s a flip clock that works sort of the way those boards in the train station do! They infatuate me and this clock is totally functional for my brain since I never read clocks that have the hands for time.. meet digital’s way cooler cousin.

Industrial Fan, $40

A heavy metal fan! But no metallica here, this beast will bring our humid Richmond summers some relief to the warehouse crew, and this fan is worth at least 3-5 the cost and was basically brand new.

Vintage Esso Richmond Map, $1

As we’re headed on a vintage travel theme in our nursery this map certainly fits the bill. Especially since my hubs used to pump gas at an Esso when he was just a boy, tying both of our babes homes together in one cool piece of artwork.

Waffle Maker, $3

Nothing like some buttered waffles to start your day, or babyshower! Yes you heard that right, my babyshower is going to have a waffle station, so finding these magical tasty making machines on the cheap was on my list of scores to watch for!

Whale Trivet, $2

This adorable little hot plate is in desperate need of cleaning. But it wouldnt come off with my standard household cleaners. Either way, it’s got great bones! And was too cute to pass up.

And now for the Yard Sale Find of the Week!

Vintage Suitcases, $10/Each

Speaking of our travel themed nursery, I’ve been on the hunt for several months for some awesome vintage suitcases. But you would be amazed at how much these babies sell for in antique stores, most upward of $50-$90 each! I was overjoyed when we came across this sale where the buyer was a collector of sorts and had all his old maps and magazines stored in adorable vintage suitcases. I asked if they were for sale, and he said no, and somehow big belly had me walking away with three for $30 sweet bucks. I love you big belly, and I love you vintage suitcases!

Yard Sale Find 03/31/12

April 1, 2012

So I’ve been on the hunt for a new vacuum.. Even though I have a Dyson, it sucks! Actually, it literally doesn’t suck! So.. that’s why I need a new one. In our investigative research we would be spending upwards of $400 or more to get a vacuum that would satisfy my needs, and last a few years to boot. This just made me so discouraged since my Dad and Aunt have these 50 year old Electrolux canister vacuums that barely ever need maintenance and vacuum like a charm. In essence, I really wanted one of those old monsters, and told them both that they should be-will them to me. Morbid, but practical, I know!

So you will not believe my luck while out running errands when I stopped by this estate sale around the corner from my house yesterday morning.

Electrolux Super J Vintage Vacuum Cleaner, $20

My yard sale find.. of the SEASON! Pouf, it appeared to me. Something that I really really wanted for just $20 sweet bucks. I tested it out in house, and this baby SUCKS! It picked up every single crumb I set out to get. I have to say, when the season starts out like this.. it might only be downhill from here..

Until this..

A vintage collection of Catherine Holm enameled cookware and canisters for just $7!! I must be dreaming. Or April Foolsin!

Thrifty Finds – 02.04.12

February 4, 2012

Hello Strangers!

Long time no see, all my fault, I know. It’s been a hectic time around the creative thrifter’s house, with transitioning to a new job this summer, oh and.. becoming pregnant!

Here I am at 25 weeks of glory, sans belly-button and full of a perfect little bundle of love. We can’t wait to meet our new little guy come May! So this blog may have some more exciting activity as we tackle the nursery in the coming weeks!

Anywho, today was a really awesome thrifty day so I had to break my hiatus and share the goodies with you:

Vintage Richmond Sign, $10

We’re headed to a travel themed nursery and first stop is this fun sign featuring our favorite location in the world. Second stop is that awesome fabric with postage stamps to be the backdrop. I can’t wait to put it all together!

Vintage Travel Calendar, $7

To aid in our travel decor, we found this amazing calendar with some cool vintage style artwork that will be perfect for framing in our babes transportation haven. We especially love the Canada print!

Antique Mattel Jack in the Box, $12

I fell in love with this classic toy while scoping out a really cool flea market. It works like a charm and will provide many future giggles I imagine! Also makes me smile that they are going for more than double the price on ebay.

Keen Sandals, $2

Hello new water shoes! I bet my father-in-law will be proud of this find as he has the same pair and $2 wouldn’t even cover the tax on his!

And now for the thrifty find of the week (maybe the year!)

Catherine Holm Saucepan, $6

Yes, you read that right, I got this sweet mid-century saucepan for an amazing $6!! I jumped up and down and giggled like a little girl when I spotted it, and then when I checked out the prices on ebay I knew I struck thrifty gold! We don’t even need this sweet pan (as I collect antique orange le-crueset), but maybe my collection may change.. If I could only find some other cute and affordable Holm cookware, oh who am I kidding that’s just a thrift fantasy and a bit of a stretch!!!

Summer Finds

August 15, 2011


Johnny Z Fest 2011, Lauren & Carley

Sorry dear readers, I continue to neglect you. Maybe one day I will be a regular blogger, but for now I am having too much fun.


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